South East Asian English


As a non native English speaker I know how hard is to express yourself many times, not to mention the writing part is even worse. I struggle with spelling and thanks to Google translator and the corrector on my tablet I manage to write to my English speakers friends or in this blog without mistakes. I feel bless for my English level even tough I know I come from a country with one of the most poor education English systems in Europe. But the truth is that when you travel you realize how lucky we are to have the chance to travel and develop our language skills while there are people who don’t have the opportunity.

This post is not to make fun of the people who live in South East Asia, but honestly these are the most hilarious banners I’ve came across in the past 9 months.

Motorbikes are all over SE Asia

Tea with Mike?
IMG_0485 what??


A Hamberger please!


I’ll contack them immediately.


Stor… what?


The famous noodle soop…

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