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How yoga changed my life 0

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Carl JungMore than a year ago I wrote about how meditation changed my life, but the real change began a few years before when I decided to sign up to pilates classes

Working in Ibiza on summer season 0

“Caminando sin excusas” (“Walking without excuses”) became few months ago in a bunch of excuses. My adventure ended and all the expectations accumulated in 9 months faded away. Many people followed my footsteps around the world and supported me while I was carrying a backpack full of hope. All

South East Asian English 0

As a non native English speaker I know how hard is to express yourself many times, not to mention the writing part is even worse. I struggle with spelling and thanks to Google translator and the corrector on my tablet I manage to write to my English speakers friends

Things you can learn in 6 months 0

I was supposed to be taking my flight back to Madrid 3 months ago. It has been almost 9 months since I packed my life in a few boxes and grabbed my  backpack saying goodbye to a life I was living for 32 years. With so much fear and tears in

How meditation changed my life 0

I write these lines with fear, doubt and the uncertainty of not knowing what the reader will think of me when it reaches the end of this text. I write these lines with wide open chest, with exposed heart and the soul in peace. I write these lines because I always