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How yoga changed my life 0

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Carl JungMore than a year ago I wrote about how meditation changed my life, but the real change began a few years before when I decided to sign up to pilates classes

Cómo el yoga me cambió la vida 0

“Hasta que lo inconsciente no se haga consciente, el subconsciente controlará tu vida y tú lo llamarás destino.” Carl Jung Hace algo mas de un año escribía sobre cómo dejar de fumar y cómo meditar me cambió la vida,  pero el verdadero cambio comenzó unos años atrás cuando debido a mis problemas

Working in Ibiza on summer season 0

“Caminando sin excusas” (“Walking without excuses”) became few months ago in a bunch of excuses. My adventure ended and all the expectations accumulated in 9 months faded away. Many people followed my footsteps around the world and supported me while I was carrying a backpack full of hope. All

Camino a India vía Moscú 2

“And I gave my eyes to the boredom, still the seabed wouldn’t let me in. And I try my best to embrace the darkness in which I swim. Oh lookin’ out at this happiness I searched for between the sheets, Oh feelin’ blind, I realize, all I was searchin’

Trabajar de temporada en Ibiza 0

Caminando sin excusas se convirtió hace unos meses en el letargo de las excusas. Mi aventura acabó y con ella muchas de las esperanzas que acumulé durante 9 meses. Muchos seguían mis pasos por el mundo mientras confiaban en alguien que cogió una mochila cargada de ilusiones y se

South East Asian English 0

As a non native English speaker I know how hard is to express yourself many times, not to mention the writing part is even worse. I struggle with spelling and thanks to Google translator and the corrector on my tablet I manage to write to my English speakers friends

Cómo afrontar el (des) amor y dejar ir 0

“It’s oh so quiet shhh shhh, it’s all so still shhh shhh, you’re are all alone, and so peacefull until… you fall in love […] this guy is “gorge” and I got hit, there’s no mistake this is it. ‘Til it’s over and then It’s nice and quiet shhh,

Things you can learn in 6 months 0

I was supposed to be taking my flight back to Madrid 3 months ago. It has been almost 9 months since I packed my life in a few boxes and grabbed my  backpack saying goodbye to a life I was living for 32 years. With so much fear and tears in

Cómo NO se debe cruzar la frontera entre Tailandia y Camboya 0

Después de leer innumerables aventuras y desventuras de como cruzar una de las fronteras más polémicas del sudeste asiático era mi turno para dejar atrás el país de las sonrisas con el fin de renovar de nuevo mi visado. Aun hoy, después de 8 meses de viajar sola, aun

How meditation changed my life 0

I write these lines with fear, doubt and the uncertainty of not knowing what the reader will think of me when it reaches the end of this text. I write these lines with wide open chest, with exposed heart and the soul in peace. I write these lines because I always